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A brand with vintage and fashionable spirit. The slogan of the brand : " Enter into the time crevasse" create an unique, timeless design for men.

We combine classic and moden elements in the garments and provide an unique interior atmosphere to bring our customers a fancy experience.




   " The scent of cigar wafted along the
studio. His leather shoes knocking the
wooden floor was resounding in the room. 
A pile of design sketches on the desk were 
mussy just as his puzzled mind. Thunder 
growled abruptly and the antique iron 
cabinet was sharply swayed together with
a glimmer. Curiosity drived him stepping into the cabinet ......."

   The story of HIATUS starts with a mysterious

incident. After entering into the time crevasse,he

roamed in different countries and centuries. The

first stop landed in Britain in 18 century, he met

the model dandy Beau Brummell and fascinated

with his fashion ideology.Then he moved to an 

industrial revolution period in French.He insighted

into their social and cultural phenomena and appreciated to the multifuntional furniture and

interior space planning philosophy.



The story keeps going on.......





 We elaborately develop many theme 
stories from our brand story to make the seasonal collections more characteristic and inspiring.


The conception of every story is 

vividly presenting with typical features.

It is always seeing

 many signature details designed on the cloths and

accessaries to make the collections more


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